Madhur Katoch Sibling Ties During Middle Adulthood Years

Madhur Katoch Sibling Ties During Middle Adulthood Years


The study was conducted to assess the perception of 120 middle-aged adults regarding their sibling relationship. Phone contact was found to be higher in females as compared to males and family events acts as a major obligation for siblings to remain in contact. Only Sister-Sister dyad was found to have Intimate type of sibling relationship and only Sister-Brother dyad had Hostile type of sibling relationship. Gender differences in females showed more emotionally close relationship with their sisters as compared to brothers. Regarding qualitative analyses variations were in the type of sibling relationships... Adult Sibling Relationship Scale (ASRS) was developed and used to assess the perception of middle-aged males and females. Case studies were conducted for qualitative analysis. As compared to males higher percentage of females had a feeling of comfort and security from sibling. Males characterized their relationship as Apathetic with their brothers, and congenial with their sisters.

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